Bec&Val EuroTrip!

Bec&Val EuroTrip!

This Easter break (one month off (!) instead of the lousy one or two week spring break done in the States) I had the absolute pleasure of my friend from the US visiting me. We set out to have a multi-country European adventure, and it was absolutely amazing. Completely worth nearly killing myself to get all my work for my Master’s done so that I could properly enjoy my break. I tweeted a bit about #bec&val_eurotrip but obviously that was completely inadequate to seeing the photographs.

Without further ado, I present my incredible trip (I attempted to only do one photograph per location so it would not be overwhelming) but I was only partially successful haha):


St. Paul's Cathedral in London

St. Paul’s Cathedral in London – we hiked up to the top of the dome for stunning city views


Brighton, United Kingdom

Fish and chips just taste better on the beach, especially under the blue skies of Brighton


Oxford, United Kingdom

Living one of my favorite childhood books in Oxford – The Golden Compass


Tulips over the canals of Amsterdam

Tulips over the canals of Amsterdam

Lights over the canals at night in Amsterdam

Biking around the city at night, enjoying the lights over the canals in Amsterdam


Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Brandenburg Gate at sunset – successfully avoided most of the tourists

Bundestag, Berlin

The glorious Bundestag – a rare view without hordes of people in front of it


Horse drawn Colosseum

Horse drawn Colosseum (also known as trying to not take the normal tourist shot lol)


Mountains of Anversa

Mountains of Anversa – think the beautiful views of Swiss Alps but warm (major win-win). Easily one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been to.

Becca and Valerie in Anversa

Anversa Degli Abruzzi

I still cannot believe we stayed here! Our Italian improved drastically, as did our charade skills


Beach of Nice, France

Needless to say we went to the beach every single day in Nice

Harbor of Nice, France

Gorgeous hidden views of the harbor of Nice from castle grounds

Thank you SO much to our friends for letting us stay with them and to my brother-in-law’s family for letting us stay in the apartment – you made this trip so wonderful.

It was so hard to get back into doing work after such an adventure. But I am so pleased my magazine is finished – the culmination of all of the projects done this semester. Just a few weeks left in my Master’s course and then it’s off to do my final project!


Until next time, my friend 🙂

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