BIG Photo Collaboration Project!

As teased on my Instagram, @rebeccahelenphoto, I have a big project I am super excited to share with you all. Read More

Milky Way over Mt. Hood

Yay it’s the weekend! Today I bring you my first big attempt at Milky Way photography . . .
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Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! I was at the beach, practicing my firework photography (definitely challenging). I had my camera set with my intervalometer, and I would like to dub the endeavor the “choose your own shutter speed adventure” – expose for one firework? Two? Three? Halfway? Regardless, it was a ton of fun, if quite a late night. Read More

Waterfall Wednesday 06/29/16

The first Waterfall Wednesday! Naturally being in the Portland area I had to choose Multnomah Falls to open this series. I took this on a drive out on a weekday during the off-season so I could avoid the brightly-clad, selfie-stick-toting tourists. Although it is such a stereotype of Portland, when you strip away all the people and appreciate it on its own, it really is a spectacular falls. I can’t wait to get a photograph of it in winter with all the ice! I’ll be thinking of that while it’s super hot this summer.


Tigard Hot Air Balloon Festival

3:50am, alarm goes off. 3:53am, roll out of bed. 4:05am, grab coffee and my gear. 4:20am out the door. The things we photographers do for a good shot . . . I was meeting a group of fellow photographers at 5:00am in Tigard to catch the dawn and the Saturday launch of the Tigard Hot Air Balloon Festival. Read More