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  • 10 Highly Effective Tips for Fall Photography

    In the last blog, I wrote about ideal places to shoot autumn color in Oregon. In today's guide, I'll be giving you my top 10 highly effective techniques for fall photography. Before we start the main list, here's a quick bonus tip that I [...]

  • Shooting Silk: Capturing Captivating Waterfall Images

    Hands down, my favorite photography is waterfall chasing. Waterfalls are just so powerful, so captivating, so attention-grabbing. I was lucky enough to grow up and live in the Pacific Northwest, where waterfalls seem to be around every river bend, every drop in forest elevation, [...]

  • How To Be a (Better) Photographer

    For the inaugural how to post, I thought I’d start with a fairly obvious choice: how to be a (better) photographer.   Take a photograph. And another one. And another one. And a million more. And you’re done! Look at you, you’re a photographer! Okay [...]


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