Tulips, Tulips, Tulips!

Happy Monday and happy first day of summer! Here’s a last look at the spring blooms that I was reminiscing about on the last post. I thought it would be a nice last glimpse of spring before summer is in full bloom!  Read More

Spring in Portland

I know, I know, June is summer, not spring. But I can’t help but wish tulips were still in bloom! I took these photos at the start of April, and it there was this amazing two-week window of perfect blooms. From my backyard to the Portland Japanese Gardens, there was color everywhere, and the air smelt of flowers. Now the last vestiges of spring seem to just be . . . allergies. Read More

Klamath Birding Pt 2

This post should really be titled “Klamath Wildlife”, as part 2 of my trip looks at the unexpected wildlife that were present along with the birds. These were all such phenomenal sightings, especially seeing a weasel with its prey! Definitely not something you see every day.  Read More

Klamath Birding Pt 1

It’s been a busy winter with moving, jobs, and generally settling back into being back from abroad. In other words, it’s been a while since my last posting. But! What better way to jump back into things than with an incredible weekend of birding during the spring migration. Read More

Book and Magazine on sale now!


I am super excited to share that my book and magazine from my Master’s are available on the store now. The previews of both the book and magazine can be seen here, or through my portfolio page on book/magazine design.

Buy the book here and buy the magazine here, or visit my bookpage site on