Featured on Cendrine Marrouat Photography!

/Featured on Cendrine Marrouat Photography!

Featured on Cendrine Marrouat Photography!

Hi everyone!

I know, it has been a while . . . I have had a lot going on at work over the past few months, and with balancing photography as a second job, I did not have a lot of time left in my days with everything else going on. I apologize for that.

Honestly, a lot of my focus has been spent building up my social media presence on Instagram. See my feed here. In trying to learn as much as I could about this and pack as many photo trips around day work as I could, I fell behind on my Facebook page and my website.

My goal is to move forward and be better on all of my media pages! Thank you for sticking with me and for being patient. Without further ado, the other reason that I am writing:

Through Instagram, I had the pleasure of meeting Cendrine Marrouat, who is a photographer, content creator / curator, social media trainer, author, and French instructor living in Winnipeg, Canada. Every month, she features a new photographer on her blog. I am pleased to say that this month I was featured.

Read the full interview here, which also has one of my recent images that I am very proud of, and a little bit about the story behind it. Enjoy! 🙂


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