Rogue Wings: Oregon Birds Natural History



Natural History Photobook

This book is a great coffee table book where your guests can learn about a variety of birds in their natural ecosystems across the state of Oregon. Specifications: Hardcover. Landscape format 10×8 in. 84 pages. Semi-glossy photo Paper (140# 190 GSM).


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Oregon is renown for its birds: only California, Florida, Texas, and New Mexico have more bird species. Its incredible variety of ecosystems supports a recorded four hundred eighty-six species. Witnessing the sheer phenotypic variety and diversity of birds across the state is a phenomenal glimpse into the vivid biodiversity of Oregon.


Journey from the Klamath Marshes in southeast Oregon, to the mixed deserts of eastern Oregon, to the breezy coastal range and grasslands of central Oregon, to the waters of the Columbia Gorge in northwest Oregon, and all the way out to the far north eastern tip of the state in the Wallowa Mountains. Discover and learn about the amazing birds found along over four thousand miles worth of driving (longer than the entire length of the United States from the tip of Washington to the tip of Florida). Celebrate the splendor of avian life as well as the beauty of the lush state of Oregon.


This prints on demand, so there is additional time for the book to be printed. Please expect arrival to take up to 15 business days.


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