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Natural History Photobook

Wayward Heart Magazine was created during the author’s Master’s in Biological Photography & Imaging (University of Nottingham, England) as a second semester project. Specifications: Softcover (perfect bound). Portrait format 8.5×11 in. 86 pages. Matte 80# 118 GSM paper.


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Welcome to the first issue of Wayward Heart. This magazine was borne in the pursuit of merging science and photography in a way that is widely accessible to readers from both fields, or to anyone who has an interest in wildlife and exploration. Although this issue focuses on the United Kingdom, this magazine has a multicultural backdrop that encourages readers to find adventure wherever they find themselves. In this first issue, we invite you to explore the incredible biology of tarantulas and gain an appreciation for something that might cause us fear. We aim to capture the spirit of adventure in our journey through the breathtaking landscape of the Peak District. We also celebrate the analogue process and how it affects photography. Our special photography segment investigates the practice of falconry from the past into the present. In this article, we offer the reader a special glimpse into the mesmerizing eyes of birds of prey. Next, we delve into the issues and contention about zoos and whether carnivores in particular are suited to a life in captivity. Moving from captivity to the streets, we hope to inspire you to celebrate the urban wildlife in your backyard and learn how some animals have been so successful in the urban arena. Finally, we invite you to begin your own adventures by learning from local photographers and testing our how-to instructions, while learning from our reviews section. Thank you for your support for this issue, and we hope you enjoy reading this first volume.


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