Print Mediums

All of our prints come unframed. The Canvas and Plexi mount are ideal formats if you don’t wish to frame your prints.


All Canvas prints come with a thin 0.75 inch gallery wrap.


  • Water Resistant for increased durability
  • Highest resolution canvas for outstanding reproduction
  • Acid free
  • Poly-Cotton
  • Bright White 101%, Opacity 98%
  • Weight 400 gsm, Thickness 0.56 mm
  • Unique texture for true artistic look

Glossy Plexi Mount

The Plexi Mount is a modern frameless format. This format comes ready to hang, with breath taking vividness.


  • Printed on RC Gloss paper
  • Facemounted on 3mm plexi
  • Mounting plexi on aluminum e-panel/Dibond
  • Routered edges
  • C-Bar hanging system

Today, some companies offer photographs and art reproductions printed directly on glass or acrylic. The problem with this method is that glass is clear, and we are accustomed to viewing printed images on a white surface. As a result, colors on direct to glass prints can be less vibrant, and the inks can wear or chip off the clear cover over time.
A plexi face mount is a more permanent choice that results in bolder colors and no wear to the image. Your unique print will be made up of three distinct layers:

High quality acrylic glass. The crystal clear cover (or glazing) consists of a 3 mm thick, top grade acrylic sheet, cut exactly to size. The edges are neatly routered for sharp corners that are smooth to the touch. Reflection in the space between the print and the glazing is eliminated – because there is no space – so light reflects differently than it does on a framed image. The print appears sharper, and has an almost three dimensional effect.

A high resolution print. Choose between our two popular paper types for a print that really stands out. Our glossy paper will give an added shine, and a metallic paper will give your image a pearlized sheen that is enhanced by the acrylic. Whichever you pick, your print is create don a high quality, large format printer using special Giclée inks that are UV resistant. This means your image will stay bold and beautiful for decades.
Once printed, this layer is affixed to the acrylic with a very thin, transparent mounting tissue that contains UV stabilizers that compound the preventative effects of the ink. The tissue will not yellow over time – it in no way affects the look of your print.

Aluminium Di Bond. Di Bond is a composite aluminium material made by sandwiching a thin, polyethylene plastic sheet between two sheets of painted, .012″ aluminium. It is smooth, completely rigid, and made to last.

Metallic Paper

This high quality paper enables you to create stunning prints that previously could be output only in a darkroom. The metallic, high-gloss surface on this 10-mil, 255g photo paper results in prints that are sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking.


  • High-gloss, metallic
  • 10 mil Thickness
  • 255 gsm weight
  • 97% Opacity
  • 78 ISO Brightness

Photo Rag

Photo Rag Bright White is the first choice for all artists and aficionados who prefer an especially bright white cotton paper. It is often considered the industry standard, and is ideal for reproducing high contrast images.


  • Smooth Matte Finish
  • 20 mil Thickness / 0.5 mm
  • 310 gsm weight
  • 99% Opacity
  • 99.5 ISO Brightness
  • Acid Free
  • Calcium Carbonate buffered


How long to get my order?

Production time varies by media. Plexi mounts take the longest at about 7 days (near holidays may take additional processing and shipping time).

All orders take 3-5 business to arrive after being shipped. Free shipping is included on orders over over $200.

How much is shipping?

We pass along the $19 flat rate charge from our printer. If you order over $200 worth of prints, we will waive shipping. Currently we only ship to the United States.

Is there a watermark on prints?

No we do not print any watermarks. However, if you want the script form to be watermarked (see logo on top left of the page), we can add that by request.

Can I get a different size or medium?

Yes and probably! We can print up to 72″ x 72″ for most formats and up to 30″ x 60″ for Plexi mounts. Please contact Rebecca directly; you can find her email on this page.

Can I commission Rebecca?

Yes! Please contact Rebecca directly; you can find her email on this page.

Refunds and Returns

We do not offer refunds as your order is printed on demand. However, if there is any problem with the print quality, please contact us immediately so we can have our printer resolve the issue!