Weekend in Wales

Having studied in England and road tripped in Scotland, it was time for me to hit up another country in the United Kingdom: Wales. With the award for best flag EVER (sorry world but it’s hard to beat a flag with a DRAGON on it), Wales is an unassuming, breathtaking place far from the hustle of English cities. I took a train from my base in Nottingham on a Friday afternoon and headed to Cardiff for an extended weekend.

Cardiff Castle

Books in the Cardiff Castle library

Cardiff is a trendy, growing city that boasts not only a castle, a lush park, and cute little shopping centers called “Arcades”, but is also the home Doctor Who (yes obviously I did the Doctor Who experience) and the absolutely amazing Millenium Centre.

Cardiff Castle Cardiff Castle

Stone circle in Bute Park, Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff Millenium Centre, Wales Cardiff Millenium Centre, Wales

After a brief stay in Cardiff, I headed out to the country to Pembrokeshire, allured by the Wales Coast Path, an 870-mile (1,400 km) walking path that covers almost the entire Welsh coastline (!!!). From the Coast Path there are multiple Marine Walks, which take you along the edge of the shore, up and down the coastal cliffs.

The Marine walk in Pembrokeshire overlooks the ocean The marine walk in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Jetty in Fishguard Harbor, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Fishguard Harbor boats
The boats of Fishguard, Wales

A large white butterfly rests along the Welsh coastal path Pink flowers reach to the sky in the Welsh countryside

Old rock structure found hiking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path,

After a few hiking-heavy days, I took somewhat of a break to horseback ride along the coastal path as well, to see how the view and experience of the path would change. It. Was. Incredible. Galloping along the coastal cliffs and then racing across the beach sands was something I’ll never forget.

View of the Pembrokeshire coast and the town of Fishguard

The flowers of the Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales The grasses and plants of the Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales

Sadly by the end of the trip the rains caught up to me, so I took the Puffin Shuttle to St. David’s to see the cathedral and do some easy sightseeing as a break from all the hiking. It was definitely an impressive cathedral!

St. David's Cathedral in Wales

My time in Wales went by much too quickly (as do all my trips) and I was sad to leave. For having planned the trip rather last minute (i.e. the day before I left!) I have absolutely no regrets and I am glad I was able to make it out to Wales before leaving the U.K.

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