As an Oregon native – I grew up in southern Oregon and then worked in northern Oregon as an adult – I know my way around some of the best and most beautiful waterfalls in this amazing state. I had a difficult time choosing just ten waterfalls – there are many more favorites that did not make the list – but I wanted to round up the ones that would fit a couple criteria:

1) Absolute must not miss for out of state visitors
2) Waterfalls even locals may not have visited
3) Waterfalls that can withstand tourism

That last point made this post challenging, because I love sharing beautiful destinations, but I also want to encourage responsible tourism of these delicate areas, and some waterfalls are just not suited to heavy visitation. Without further ado, here are my top 10 favorite waterfalls in Oregon:

1. Multnomah Falls

I know, I know, it’s the biggest cliché ever, but you can’t visit Oregon and not see this waterfall. It’s the tallest in the State and that dreamy bridge just begs you to take a photograph.

2. Punch Bowl Falls

Another classic waterfall, this remains one of my favorites because it’s so fun to swim in the cool waters below.

3. Fairy Falls

One of my favorite falls in the Columbia River Gorge up north – I can’t get over those gorgeous delicate tiers.

4. Latourell Falls

Tall and dreamy, this Columbia Gorge falls is a favorite because of its easy accessibility, striking height, and splash factor.

5. Drift Creek Falls

A waterfall under a suspension bridge?! The uniqueness of this hike makes it one of my favorites to explore along the coast.

6. Salt Creek Falls

Northern Oregon is not the only amazing place to see waterfalls – head down to central Oregon to see this beauty.

7. Sahalie & Koosah Falls

Technically two waterfalls for the price of one, but you can see both of these on one of the most lovely riverside hikes around.

8. Abiqua Falls

A gem in the middle of the state, I recommend parking up top and hiking all the way down, as the road isn’t suited to anything less than a high clearance 4×4 vehicle – I’m serious, don’t try this in your sedan.

9. White River Falls

Head out east and you’ll find this incredible waterfall erupting out of the desert – well worth the drive!

10. BONUS 10! – Trail of Ten Waterfalls

Spring, fall, winter, this trail is beautiful year round and offers up not one, not two, but TEN waterfalls – pretty much the ultimate in waterfall chasing escapades!

What waterfall is your favorite? Comment below!

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