2019 calendars for officially sale!!!

Last year’s 2018 PNW calendar was so lovely and you all enjoyed it so much, I am excited to bring you all new images for a new 2019 PNW calendar:

But wait! There’s more! This year, I went a little crazy – I traveled so much I didn’t just do a PNW calendar, but I also have a US States calendar, featuring Oregon, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Tennessee, and South Carolina. I’m really excited for them – last year’s turned out so well, I hope you enjoy this years!

Which calendar is your favorite?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and with this new website I am also ushering in a whole new phase of my photography and my business and I could not be more excited. Keep an eye out for a whole host of new things: new photographs, new videos, new partnerships, new blog posts, and new shop items. To help celebrate, use the code “NEWREBECCA10” to get 10% off of any of the items in my shop for the next month. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at becca@rebeccahelen.com with any questions or comments, and definitely sign up for my mailing list below!