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I am a commercial photographer based in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in landscape and nature photography.

I also work on film and timelapse projects, and I have completed projects in graphic design and fine art as well.

I grew up in Oregon, which gave me a love of the outdoors, and I was born in Germany, which instilled a love of travel in me at an early age. I took up photography to document my experiences outdoors and abroad, and it is my biggest passion in life. I first took up photography independently in high school as part of a way to document my family travels.

After high school, I moved to Los Angeles and received my Bachelor of Arts from Occidental College with a major in Biology and a minor in studio art. I pursued independent photography projects, worked for my university’s newspaper, and did an external internship with Tomas Skaringa, owner of the Big Affair Photography.

In 2014 I put my love of art and science together, receiving a Master’s in Biological Photography & Imaging from the University of Nottingham. I got to experience life in England, and I traveled around the country as much as I could, as well as visiting other European countries, further fueling my love of travel. Please feel free to check out my blog for all my adventures, artistic or otherwise!

Contact me if you would like to collaborate; I work on a variety of projects and I would love to work with you!


  • Master of Science in Biological Photography & Imaging

  • Favorite subject: Landscape & Nature Photography

  • Excellent digital editing skills in Adobe Creative Suite

  • Current focus: Film & timelapse

  • Gear: Nikon D800 & DJI Mavic Pro


I work with brands to create digital, film, and print content, partner on social media projects and promotions, blog collaborations, and more.

Rebecca Helen Photography has a reach of over 3,000 dedicated and engaged photographers and travelers who are young, based in developed countries and are keen to explore the best destinations and experiences.

Shoot me an email – I would love to help your brand achieve greatness!

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