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My name is Rebecca; I am a serial wanderer documenting travels around the world, inspiring you to explore the outdoors with beautiful images, and helping you fuel your own adventures and photographic journey.

I grew up in Oregon, which gave me a love of the outdoors, and I was born in Germany, which instilled a love of travel in me at an early age. I first took up photography in high school to document my family travels, teaching myself photography basics to share my experiences outdoors and abroad.

In college I studied Biology, all set to continue on the family path to becoming a doctor. I dabbled in photography on the side, working as a newspaper photographer, and I even did an internship with a wedding photographer. But come graduation time, I realized I didn’t want photography to be just a hobby for the rest of my life.

After college I moved to the U.K. to study wildlife and macro photography, and I also started on the pathway of becoming a filmmaker. After I graduated, I moved back to the Pacific Northwest, where I began to see the incredible landscapes I grew up with with a different eye than before. Landscape photography became my main calling, and I loved the outdoors and travel in a way I never had before.

I worked a design job to pay the bills, but I went out every weekend to take photographs, growing my skills in the field and at home in my editing. A few years later, I had finally built up my business to a point where I could jump into photography as my full time job. Now I spend my days adventuring, working with brands, editing photographs, writing blogs, and sharing my experiences on social media. Thank you for being part of my journey. Now let’s go out and explore!

About this blog

This blog is where I share tips to help you improve your own photography, where you can find inspiration to explore the outdoors, where you can read destination guides and travel tips to plan your own adventures, and where I share my thoughts on solo and female travel, vanlife, hiking, and more.


I work with brands and companies to create digital, film, and print content. I also partner on social media projects and promotions, blog collaborations, and more.

Rebecca Helen Photography has over 9.3K dedicated followers with a 30% engagement rate (more stats can be found in my media kit here). These are photographers and travelers who are young, based in outdoor-loving cities, and enjoy exploring the outdoors and traveling to new places.

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