New & Improved Website!

New & Improved Website!

Revamping my entire website – designing and putting it all together by myself – was quite a monumental endeavor. I spent over two weeks, working 10+ hour days, to completely redesign it, upload new photographs, update all of the copy, create a new shopfront, etc. It was immensely frustrating at times, especially having no background in web design, but it was also extremely rewarding to see the results and to have everything look exactly the way I wanted it to. My brother and a freelance website designer helped out with some of the issues I couldn’t quite figure out myself, but even after those few weeks, I was left with a website that was not quite complete.

To make matters worse, I learned the hard way that mobile design is a whole other beast, and while my desktop website looked incredible, the mobile site was a complete mess. I had to put the design to the back-burner while I went on more photography trips and had some big things happen in my life. I honestly was just also so burnt out on web design that I couldn’t bring myself to research in depth how to fix the remaining issues.

I finally came back to finish up my website, both desktop and mobile, a bit later, and reached a place where I could let go and have it officially live and ready to be seen. I still have some niggling issues, but I am a perfectionist at heart, and it still is so much greater than my website was before that I can’t help but be proud.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and with this new website I am also ushering in a whole new phase of my photography and my business and I could not be more excited. Keep an eye out for a whole host of new things: new photographs, new videos, new partnerships, new blog posts, and new shop items. To help celebrate, use the code “NEWREBECCA10” to get 10% off of any of the items in my shop for the next month. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at with any questions or comments, and definitely sign up for my mailing list below!

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