Top 9 Photos of 2017

Top 9 Photos of 2017

Happy New Year! I’ve compiled my top 9 photographs of 2017 (according to my Instagram). Although truth be told I cheated a little and cut 3 of the top 9 and substituted in 3 of my favorites, including my Milky Way shot over Mt. St. Helen’s. Personally I consider this one as one of the best photographs I’ve ever taken. To me it represents a culmination of a lot of new skills and things I’ve learned. Even since the first time I posted it to my Instagram account I have learned new editing techniques that really make it pop. I am very proud of how far I’ve come, even since the beginning of the year. I am so inspired and excited for what adventures the new year will bring in, especially as I begin to write down my goals for my photographic growth and development for 2018.

I also want to take a moment and say how grateful I have been for the support I’ve received this year and I can’t say enough how much I love the photography community. It’s been kind of a rollercoaster year with some definite high points and some definite low points. But having some perspective has certainly helped – I’m rather lucky to live a life where I get to see the kind of views I’ve captured and explore the places I’ve been to. So cheers to the future, even if it’s not what I planned, even if it’s not what I expected, but here’s to embracing every bump in the road and every moment of beauty. There is much to look forward to next year and I can’t wait to see where 2018 takes me.

P.S. All 9 of these photographs are available for purchase as prints! 🙂

Summer Starlight

Tiers of Green

Mary’s Pastel Sky

Liquid Sapphire

Black Ribbon in White

Oregon Eclipsed

Cascading Green

Kissed by the Moon

Bursts of Spring



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